@ MyCASTech, We think of solving complex issues and make life easier.


@ MyCASTech, We desire to make dreams a reality.


@ MyCASTech, We believe in the spirit of all things are possible and the abilities of all.


@ MyCASTech, We believe the fulfillment begins with the first and the right step and thereafter.


@ MyCASTech, Our eyes, minds and hearts are attentive on the goals by meeting our clients and customers' needs.


@ MyCASTech, We are results oriented and together we all achieve and derive the benefits.

Connecting services to clients and clients to their needs!

People feel comfortable when services can be rendered to them at their convenience wherever at anytime and professionals can be mobile with their jobs and earn good income. You don’t need to have an office or workplace to wait for clients or customers to walk in. With, you are always on the move.

With, your needs are just click away on your device. Whether you are new in a place, just passing or traveling, need a service/product or whichever way; will link you to all essential services. You could be stranded, you may be skillful but no startup capital to invest in workshop or a place to do business; is the solution. Life is easier when business can move to people and places whenever.

With, even the smallest business becomes visible and convenient to access.


Agriculture and agro business

Agriculture and agro business services

Automobile and Engineering /Auto Electricals

Automobile and Engineering /Auto Electricals services

Automobile and Engineering/Mechanical

Automobile and Engineering/Mechanical service

Beauty and Makeup

Beauty and Makeup services

Car, Bus/Transport Terminals, Railways, Ports Harbors

Car, Bus/Transport Terminals, Railways, Ports Harbors

Churches and Mosques

Churches and Mosques

Construction companies

Construction companies services

Courses and programs

Courses and programs services

Education and Training providers

Education and Training providers

Electronics and other machinery and appliances repairs

Electronics and other machinery and appliances repairs services

Emergency response

Emergency response and services

Events and Programs organizers

Events and Programs organizers services


Service Providers Corporate


Service Providers Individual